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There be...
I have got a/an...
It is-red/green/colour/round...
I like…best.
It looks like...
I like it very much.
I will keep it for ever.

Our Language Lab
There is a language lab in our school. It's on the third floor. It's big and clean. There are 50 desks and 50 chairs in it. There are 50 computers and a control desk(操纵台)in it. There are50 headphones(耳机)on the desk. Every week we have our English lessons here. We watch slides, TV, video and listen to tapes. Then the teacher asks us questions. We like our language lab and always keep it clean and tidy.


Our Housing Estate
There are many nice housing estates in Pudong New Area. Our Housing estate Rainbow Estate is one of them. You can see three blocks in the middle. There is a beautiful garden in front of Block 2.In the garden there is a fountain. There is a shop on the right of Block 1.A big playground lies on the left of Block 3. You can see many men, women, boys and girls having exercise there. There is a small kindergarten in our housing estate. It is convenient and comfortable for us to live in our housing estate.



1. 论点
Computer is important.
We must learn English well.
It's very important for us to...
In my opinion...

2. 论证过程常用一些衔接词可使文章读起来流畅,紧凑。如:Firstly...Secondly…,Lastly ... Above all等

So we must...
So it's very important for us to...
I believe...
We should...

Why Are Trees Important?
Trees are very important to us. Do you know why? Let me tell you.
Trees take in carbon dioxide from the air and make oxygen. That's important. People and animals need oxygen to live. Many small animals and insects live in the trees. Some of them also get food from trees. Trees can also stop water and soil from going away. If we have a lot of trees, we stop deserts from being large. I think this is very important. You know, trees are green. They can make our country even more beautiful.
Trees are our good friends. We should plant more trees and take good care of them.


It's Our Duty To Protect Our Environment
It's our duty to protect our environment. Where we live? The earth. The earth is the only one place we live in. So you know how important the environment is. But now, some people are harming the environment, like cutting down trees, drawing pictures on public walls, littering onto the ground. It's terrible if we still do it. Now, it's time for all the people in the society to protect the environment. It's our duty. It needs each of us to make a contribution to improving the environment. We should make our environment more and more beautiful.

点评:作者多用学过的词语不但保证了正确,还巩固了所学的知识,并且注意句型的多样化,如长句,短句,疑问句,使用了“if,so, now, but”等词,整篇文章读起来朗朗上口。实际上,写文章就像串珠子,连接词就在于把一个个单词串起来。

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