●Old school life
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Write a passage of at least 60 words on the following topic according to the given information

1. "Leaving School"
●Old school life
●Teacher(s) and. schoolmate(s)
●Future plan

I don't want to leave school, because my old school life was full of fun and I had many good friends in my old school. We used to share our lunch together. We used to play ball games together. We often did some surveys during the holiday. All of my teachers and schoolmates are very friendly and helpful. Now I have to leave school, I hope l will keep in touch with them and my new school life will be more enjoyable.

2. "Everyone Needs Help"
●Did you get any help from others?
●Did you give help to people when they needed?
●Tell your story

In our daily life, we are dealing with different kinds of people, no matter at home, in school, or at some other places. Everyone needs help, I think. And only those who are willing to help others will also be helped. One day I saw a little girl in the street carrying a heavy schoolbag on her back. She was walking happily. Then suddenly an old man fell down while he was crossing a street. She ran towards him at once, but she was too short to help him to stand. I helped her and we together brought the old man to safety. He thanked us over and over. I think the little girl was, though very young, a very warm-hearted person.

3."Saving Water"
●What do we use water for?
●Why water is very important in our daily life?
●How do we save water?

As we all know, water is essential in our daily life. We drink water every day, we use water to wash things and cook food, we also use water to make machines. People can't live without water. Though about 75% of the earth is covered with water, only 3% of it is fresh water. So we must save water by having a shower instead of a bath. We can save water by fixing the dripping taps immediately and we can also save water by not washing under a running tap.

4. "Growing Pains and Gains"

I think I have a happy life, though sometimes I cannot do the things I like. For example, I like reading different kinds of books in my spare time, especially some detective stories. But my mum always asks me to practise playing the piano one hour every day. That's boring. I like having parties with my friends during the holidays. But I have to do lots of homework. Teachers always give us more homework when we have holidays. That's my growing pains and gains.

5. "Changes in Shanghai"

Shanghai was a small town three hundred years ago. There were only a few thousand people living here. Many of them were fishermen and farmers.
Today, Shanghai is becoming an international city. Many tall buildings have been built. Some bridges have been put up over the Huangpu River. More and more foreigners come to Shanghai for a visit every day.
Shanghai has already won the bid for holding the World Exp0 2010. I think the environment will be better and better and the city will be more and more beautiful.

6. "An Accident"
● 孩子们有的打110,有的打120,有的保护现场

Last Thursday afternoon, four students were on their way back home. Suddenly they saw a truck coming round the corner at a high speed and some watermelons fell off. At the same time, a middle-aged man on a bicycle fell to the ground. Blood came from his body. One of them called the policeman, one dialed 120. and the others were taking care of the cyclist. Soon the police came and they reported what they had seen and an ambulance took the cyclist to the hospital soon.

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